BFF Is Headed To Off Broadway.png

It’s true. And we couldn’t be more excited. 

(but we need your help)

After a very successful run during the New York Theater Festival’s Winterfest, BFF is headed to Off Broadway – Tuesdays starting in June, 2019!

But that ain’t cheap.

Our goal is to launch a six-week run of BFF with the hope of continuing there on the heels of a successful debut.

This is a monster opportunity for an up-and-coming playwright (one of the youngest in Off-Broadway history!). We’ve set up an Indiegogo campaign (with some exciting, exclusive perks) to raise the money to get BFF to Off-Broadway. We hope you’ll help! 

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Questions about our Indiegogo campaign? We’ve got answers.

What We Need – We need to raise $20,000.

Where does the moolah go? – Straight to making BFF happen. This is a six-week production (at least) which means plenty of expenses:

Cast and Crew – We have some seriously talented people working with us. Brilliant actors, visionary designers, superhuman technicians, an incredible director, heck, even our PA’s are impressive.

Rehearsal Space – Excellent performances start with tons of rehearsal. So, there’s going to be plenty of it. And that means lots of rented rehearsal space.

Wardrobe – An integral part of the BFF experience, wardrobe can be its own critical storytelling element. Isn’t that right, Mrs. Maisel? 

Marketing and PR – We’re going to have a fantastic production but we’ve got to spread the word if we’re going to fill theater seats. That means getting reviews, making ads, creating buzz, and reaching as many theater lovers as possible. Luckily, we happen to have a few experienced marketing pros helping us out.

Theater Rental – This is where the magic happens, but we still have to pay the rent.

And we’ve got perks! Lots of them. Fun, unique, exclusive BFF-related tchatchkes and experiences. Every donation gets you some sweet swag and helps us reach our goal of getting BFF to Off-Broadway.

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